Bomber Harris

What's in a name? Seventy five years on who else are we to blame?

Arthur’s malice probes the wound
Calls him in from the ante-room
And he’s all for a hanging party
Of that bleak embittered man
As he stands before the jury cap in hand

Pleading time inflamed me
With her patriotic smile and destiny fulfilling me
Forced me to my knees as she
In time became engaged to me
Gave me orders and I took them willingly

When that fatal match was made all the stars seemed to fade
Ragged clouds the moon surrounding
White winged swans turned to grey
And from solemn vows the angels turned away
She was dark she wasn’t fair as thin and cold as the empty air
She was no Joan of Arc
There was no compromise between the travesties and lies

But time has stained me
Since they cut me dead down at the ministry
Time grants no relief and no reprieve
Now time has put the blame on me
Time has robbed me and diminished me

But I’ve had visions since and dreams
Opening letters that I don’t receive
Making calls to distant counties
Boarding night-bound trains
East to Eden and the rocky range
Raise his statue then and smile

Hang more medals on the holy mile
And we’ll stick with a fairy story
Red sea crossed to a Palestine
Resurrected on the river Rhine
In the smoke of burning cities stand his shrine
So let’s hope we get it right next time

Intro. A D E A
Verse A D A D A F#m E