Round the Outside

White gold shone the moon
We danced as the orchestra carried the tune
Together we followed the measure the length of the room
My heart unbeguiled ‘til our fingertips touched then I knew
It was strong it was strange
Like the searing effect of a brand, like the heat of a flame
Passivity, languor and diffidence suddenly changed
Now my heart is on fire and may never stop burning again
As we turned through the squares
I kept looking back over my shoulder to check you were there
The shape of your neck the insouciant flick of your hair
Nailed my heart to a pyre and held it implacably there

Go round the outside round the outside
Everyone follow me round the outside
Round the outside round the outside
The truth is a hard act to follow and a hard track to ride
These are hard facts to swallow so follow me round the outside

I am suave, you will have perceived,
I am handsome, a man of the world so I like to believe
My dress sense impeccable, manners contrived to appease
But my heart is a liar and it frequently under achieves
But then you came to be
Like a dream, like a vision afloat on a sea
Of radiance, potential of roses, a panoply
Now my heart is enmired and it shouldn’t have happened to me

I’ve been pulling the legs off spiders but they keep telling me lies
They say ‘she loves me not she loves me not she loves me not’ time after time
The Zodiac groaned and disowned my ambitious designs
Saying her heart has a prior arrangement and it isn’t with mine

So is it love (she asks) is it greed?
A fleeting obsession, a stupid obsession, a need
For a primeval furrow to rut in to burrow and breed

I think that you owe me an answer you’ll have to concede

Intro. E
Verse A E D E A E
Chorus (A D A E) x 2 D E F#m
Bridge F#m E
Middle 8 (F#m E) x 3 (A D E) x 2