Night Watch Story

To a safe house in a pension block off Princess Alice Square
With practiced ease she lured the subject there
We were listening down Sputnik beams our secret shadows stared
From hidden TV cameras everywhere

Three floors above her surveillance teams are tracing word for word
Each whispered conversation overheard
When he tells her he loves her their red eyes flash and their tape machines record
Each breath each kiss each pregnant pause

Through wires and needles technicians check each telegraphed relay
Each secret spilled each confidence betrayed
And through the speakers the tape recorded treachery replayed
Sweet music for our efforts made

Sleeping with the enemy meeting on hostile ground
Meeting with the blinds pulled down wired for sound
Sleeping with the enemy meeting when the night shift ends
So no one can come between us
And no one can say there was ever anything ever between us

I read your expression I heard what you said
But my fingers were crossed as I nodded my head
So don’t waste your breath don’t waste your arrows
You begged me to borrow now you’ve had me to hold
I can break you and bend you and force you to fold
You’ll find me here again tomorrow

Along the watchtower our secret listeners strive to understand
While in the tractor plant assembly’s going to plan
And beneath the clocktower, where the cold war consorts always get their man
The situation’s underhand

Ostrakova Nova in lazy circles turning leads the wing
Through the black night speeds her mission down the wind
And rolling over at the target strikes the missile systems sing
And the friction burns like needles sting

Intro. (D Bm A Em) x 2 D Bm A
Verse D G Em (G) A
Chorus G D Em A G D Em Em A Em G A
Middle 8 (Bm D E G A) x 2 Bm D E A