Morning Comes Home

When the mountain came around to meet Mohammed
It found a note he’d left written on the door
Saying not at home today – unavoidably delayed
Busy, back soon, sorry I missed your call
He’d come a long way, and had no place to stay
He was tired and his foothills were sore
Wearily he gathered up his boulders
Set off back along the winding road
Wrapped a blanket white around his shoulders
Because the morning was cold

Darrel Rivers met with Gwendoline Mary
When they’d finished up at university
They shared a lot of old jokes, some Bacardi and cokes
Then they climbed the Magic Faraway Tree
Darrel’s thinking hard about the future
But Gwen is independent and she knows
There’s a wide world around her
Where anything goes

In a dream last night I was scheming
Lining up the planets in a row
There was a catcher in the rye but he sent me running by
To crash down on the rocky shore below
When I’m rising early in the wintertime
Fumbling in the darkness for my clothes
With the brief night behind me
The morning unfolds

When I’m stranded in Ice Station Zebra
Orbiting in Thunderbird Five
And that gap year’s gone on about a decade too long
And I’m wondering how it feels to be alive
Then it takes me all my concentration
And I struggle with your little ringtone
As the big light finds me
And the morning comes home

The owl and the pussycat foundered
And Snow White never lived to tell the tale
And so many little things grow their legs and shed their skins
And change direction in the water and the air
So I’m glad you took the time to come and find me
And I’m glad you never do as you are told
And I hope you’ll always be there to remind me

That the morning is Gold

B F# G#m E
Verse (B F# G#m E) (G#m F# B E) (B F# G#m E)