Another Country

Frog went courting trouble and he did ride
Picked up his sword and his pistol and went out to mutter and sigh
Beneath her window in the lantern light
To languish and linger biting his fingers in his pyracantha hide
Midnight marks the hour as the church bells chime
Our rival steps into the ring come to claim the prize
She spies his carriage from her window high
Heart all a-flutter she sings of my charming prince and I
Grabs my knocker – bang! Announcing he’s arrived
Speak friend and enter, come welcome again, into my arms to fly
Incense owns an infidelity nigh
Stake me and claim me but don’t kiss and name I’m ready to open wide
Ripped and torn in the bushes crouched close by
Watch with foreboding the story unfold as they disappear inside
He saw the candle flicker and before it died
He saw the gleam in her eye

The ship is slowly sinking the iceberg gently thaws
With the last survivors battered I walked hand in hand to shore
Now there’s nothing left to show what’s gone before
And I’ve had my fill of trouble and I don’t want anymore

Princess in your tower let your hair down please
Your husband’s away on crusade – did he happen to leave a key
He writes you letters from across the sea
Couched in the sweetest of terms, and you read them wearily
And about your lorn chastity
I may be mistaken I know, but is there room on the bus for me
I don’t expect to ride for free
But I know how I like my eggs in the morning – over easily
You do me wrong kind sir said she
Your artless advances and manners crass are uncomplimentary
And my innocence and purity
Are all that I claim them to be

You’re in your oval office making plans
To seize the initiative before the space invaders land
Armies sweep the board at your command
They come creeping in under the doors and sing of promised lands
And jazz bands witter ‘This is a Fine Romance’
But you haven’t a ghost of a chance

I found another country I sought to make my own
But somewhere west of second best the seeds of doubt were sown
And turning I let the harvest call me home
Now the road goes on forever but it doesn’t lead to Rome

Intro. A Bm C#m D E A E
Verse A C#m D Bm E7 A (E)
Chorus D E A D F#m E A E