There’s a time for peace and a time for hope and a time for understanding
And a time for luck when a man takes stock of his goods of his worth and of his standing
There’s a time to act and a time to hold back and a time to cast your hand in
But come times of strife, then a man’s whole life can be cast to the wind and abandoned

In the green of spring every new voice sings with the joy of the world’s celebration
That the shadows cast by the winter past are eclipsed by its rejuvenation
But by summer’s end we were desperate men pledged to a grave undertaking
And in the light of God I see the path we trod was a line between faith and damnation

I would have followed him anywhere
In my heart’s-ease sorrow. In my anger sadness and prayers
By our gracious Lady we give thanks for grace and favour
For our eyes to see and the bell at morn
Rise up and awaken we have everything to play for
And our lives to give for a world reborn

All our best laid plans bore their master’s stamp and when we knew we’d aroused suspicion
From the Isle of Grain to the Midland Plain there was haste there was indecision
But when the wreaths were hung and a mass was sung, blessed by the priest and shriven
At the altar bowed, we affirmed our vows in the face of our grave misgivings

Then autumn came with persistent rain that filled up the water courses
And Cecil’s spies lent their ears and their eyes to report on our war resources
But we held our tongue ‘til the search was done and deferred to the Sheriff’s forces
As they searched the barns and the tenant farms and tallied up the stores and horses

So the big year turns into powder and burns and our fortunes changed with the seasons
And Catesby died on that wild night ride and left us to pay for his treason
Now the warder’s say it’s Wintour’s day and the crowds are out to receive him
As he takes his due, and his leave from you, and the man he once thought to believe in

Intro. F#m E
Verse A D A E A D E A D A F#m E A D E A
Bridge D A F#m E
Chorus (A D A E A D E) x 2
Instr. (A D E A) x 2 D A F#m E A D E A D A E