You picked the wrong day you picked the wrong time
Went the wrong way to the left of the centre line
Should’ve played a long game but you picked the wrong hand
Now Kasparov’s on the brink of disaster
Get on the wrong train hit on the wrong man
Crashed and burned now you’re lying in no man’s land
Thinking what a fine fine mess you made of your master plan

We picked the wrong song to start the morning on
We picked the wrong time to start the day
And there was frog spawn instead of unicorns
There was hawthorn instead of hay
And underneath the kitchen table the broken bones of our breakfast lay

Don’t leave me half-starved leave your calling card
Send your avatar while I sleep
You can ask your eight ball to pick you a winning draw
But what you’re looking for is out of reach
And underneath the kitchen table we kneeling wait and pray
That for all the gifts our God has found us may we not have to pay
For all the brickbats the string and ceiling wax the fallen Moonsand and the clay

Come on and show me the rules of the game so that I can play
White doves in the morning calling out my name
Are bright stars in the blackout that show me the way
Come and show me the way

I should have warned you You should have spoken too
So we both know who’s to blame
Hang up your black heart among your battle scars
And we’ll both look just the same
Don’t think about the complications
Or the improprieties
Disregard the obligations
And think what might have been
For our firstborn sprung from the rising storm if the worst comes let it be…

B E F# B
Middle Bit (B E F#B) x 3 B E
Verse (B E F# B) x 2 (C#m F#) x 4/2 B E F# B
Chorus (C#m E F#) x 3
Ending Intro + Chorus