Going Down With Alice

Alice woke from fitful dreams of hearts and diamonds clubs and queens
Left her childhood passed her teens drove her own reflections underground
She changed her name, foreswore her youth burned all the books that told the truth
Wiped the tapes to hide the proof combed her hair and pulled all her posters down

But Alice scorned and Alice spurned sometimes frets and sometimes burns
Then to her mirrored image turns am I still the fairest of them all
With malice to the looking glass did the tribe increase she asks
Will you part and let me pass shall I walk among them as before

Now Alice waits on bended knees will they yet remember me
Mirror let me enter please there's no way through the looking glass replied
They bred like amoeba splitting in half they foaled they farrowed cubbed and calved
These knights and squires and wives of bath forged them at the board like men deprived

Since big years turned and left behind the thirsts they slaked in vats of wine
Empty rooms and narrow minds are all the wonderlands you've ever known
With no reflections no relief in solitude to bear your grief
Instead she bares her yellow teeth the mirror breaks and Alice stands alone

Now I’ve got 5-4-3-2-1 come ye thankful people come
To thee they went the blind the dumb they say you can’t cheat Karma well I’ve seen it done
Man made power man made pain for profit loss and for private gain
And man made plans for social change and fraudulent social security claims
Now I don’t know but I’ve been told
We owe them a living but I don’t think so, now this is a message to Persons Unknown
You can strive to survive but violence grows
And you’ll get knocked down in the middle of the road
Big A little A DVD, or a benefit compilation EP
What’s the cost of your new CD, worth no more than the price on the sleeve
Now I’m not 5-4-3 too young, beautiful days are yet to come
Make no concessions under twenty one and the child care costs will cost you some
When Jack was younger he cherished a view that if you look out for others they’ll look out for you
But Jack was a simpleton, Jack was confused, and his gifts freely given were accepted as dues
But Jack gets vindictive when Jack gets vexed, and though he’s been patient awaiting redress
He hasn’t forgiven and will never forget so give him a box and he’ll fill in the X
And I’ve got 5-4-3-2-1 I don’t want to go to Holidays in the Sun
And I want 5-4-3-2 more I want women and horses and power and war
Now it’s a question of my survival
If then to crawl to the rich I tread on the poor
I’ll stuff their doves and I’ll eat them raw
Now one is one and all alone and ever more shall be so

Intro. (Bm A G F#m) x 4 (Em D Em C D) x 2
Verse(Em D) x 3 C D Em (B A) x 3 G A D