Goodbye To All That
Graves lies content, now he no longer has to decry the best of his work for Laura Riding's sake.

There's no profit in talking to statues stone and dead
Or in holding forth to a family portrait so I'll talk to myself instead
And though you wrote the first few chapters the rest must remain unread
Because goodbye to all that was the last thing that you said

And I've been up listening for nothing and thinking the same
And as I never looked for and never knew you so my life remains unchanged
Still marked by prints in the dust in the hallways and the passing of distant trains
And though the voice is gone the stories still remain

So goodbye to the rose and to the taverns then farewell
To the silent ranks of unsent letters and to the unfamiliar smells
Of the barrack rooms of Charterhouse and the rugby fields of hell
And to the wealds and the rifles and to the county towns of Wales

Lay the ghost of your remainders then in paperback enshrined
On the quiet dusty bookshelves at the back of peoples minds
So will you condescend to smile upon my stilted turn of phrase
Or will my halting words set you turning in your grave

So goodbye to all that master Robert and goodbye to you
Although I didn't catch the brief announcement on the early evening news
As there's no need to mark your passing here's just the briefest of notes to say
He told his stories and then he quietly slipped away

Intro./Verse A B E
Middle 8 C#m B A B E