Valley Of Kings

It's the dignity of labour that makes us vie with each other for the right to pull Pharoah's dung carts in the valley of the Nile.

Father forgive me I'm going to sin
I'm going to phone another sick day in
Make sure the six o'clock alarm bell never rings
It's still dark in the morning at five fifteen
The hands of the clock glow luminous green
They don't care that I've unfinished business in unfinished dreams
Wake me up gently with kindness and tact
My vision is dim and my jawline slack
When my system has been disconnected my limbs won't react

When God made man in his image in clay
He made him to move in mysterious ways
But God is in trouble if He can't do without me today

Father forgive me don't answer the door
Don't open the curtains and if the agency call
Tell them I won't kiss the hem of their robe anymore
You can say I'm in trouble tell them I'm ill
Tell them my haemorrhoids are troubling me still
If you'll make my excuses you can tell them whatever you will

Wake me up gently but don't make me go
I don't want to hear and I don't want to know
That I'm not going to reap what I can't make the effort to sow

Dawn breaking down the Valley of the Nile
Get ready to work all day among the sandstone piles
Here's the whip the bit the pick to split the clay
And your muddy hands to clear the spoil away
Congratulations the job's yours
Here's your sweatsuit and your coveralls
Here's the whip the bit the pick to split the clay
And your muddy hands to clear the spoil away
And here's the spit you've got to lick to strip your dignity away

Father forgive me you always do
You know I've come to depend on you
I know that you don't understand you don't have to approve
Discretely and silently steal from the room
Leave me in tumbling down entombed
Entrapped in my fragrant surroundings in slumber cocooned

Intro./Verse A Bm
Chorus A D A C#m D E A D A E