What is the statute of limitations on human suffering? If rape and executions from a bygone age can be treated to a light hearted chorus, how long must we wait before the iniquities and horrors of our own time can be treated in a similar fashion?

Lady Barnard had been slaughtered her lover too was killed
As a thousand farmer's daughters lie deflowered in the fields
We can all join hands in a floral dance and rehearse our juggling skills

Aaron Isaac Rubenstein his home was forced to flee
Refuge took in Hamburg in 1943
And along the Baltic seabord with a false identity

They came and took his family and great it gave him pain
For they sent them off to Poland in cattle trucks entrained
Left him nothing but his wedding ring and his father's watch and chain

Now it's of four and twenty Nazis my story I will tell
They came early in the morning and caught him unawares
Took him by the left leg and flung him down the stairs

First they robbed him of his watch and chain, they robbed him of his ring
And with forty jolly jackboots they kicked him cheek and chin
And when they broke his little fingers o for pity he did sing

Said Amon Düul the commandant said Amon Düul said he
You are a son of Abraham as we can plainly see
So you must off to Buchenwald where hanged you will be

Möller got his wedding ring the Devil took his fee
The state had all his money and the world his legacy
But Sturmbahnfuhrer Neumann gave the watch and chain to me

Aaron's with his maker now and tonight will merry be
And the lesson of this tragedy for a lesson there must be
Is that rape abuse and murder are no cause for levity

Verse B E F# B E B F# E B Abm F#
Chorus E B E F# B