Fleurs Du Mal

With a regal display of indifference, Louis XVI and his wife retire to their bed while all around them the bastions crumble.

Down on the street the trumpets blew
As a thousand ragged standards flew
But the drum beat's pattern never changed
As a clamouring rose from the street outside
The council fell to their knees and cried
With the peasants we must treat without delay

But there are rights of man and a rule of law
One for the rich and one for the poor
And one for a king that God anointed made
In consequence negotiations I disdain

Marie-Antoinette concurred
If they have no bread the Queen observed
And won't eat cake feed them hay
But let them shout and let them starve
While they cut the world in half
To our chamber let us take ourselves away

Then hand in hand to the brandy cask
We matched each other glass for glass
Kicked off our shoes composed ourselves to pray

Then all night through and the livelong day
Beneath royal courtly charms we lay
And thanks for all our blessings gave
While the people fought the people roared
Shook their fists at the palace walls
Broke the door and the bars gave way
And they found us there in deepest dreams
Conscience clear in sleep serene
In the sunbeam's blessed rays

Then a messenger came from the outer wall
Pressed his face to the marble floor
Excuse my intrusion majesties
But your guards are fighting hand to hand
In the western halls and the barbican
I deem it meet and prudent now to leave

But Marie-Ann the Queen and I
Sent him back to the walls to die
Took to our bed and dismissed the chambermaid

Intro. F#m B F#m E
Verse A E D E A
Chorus A D E A D A