Death And A Lady

Death, disguised as an angel, picks up his sword and his pistol and goes forth to pitch his woo. Received with compliance by the object of his desire we find that only his bony nature precludes a truly sweaty climax to this nasty little tale.

Death swept away by a lady
In the course of his duties espied
In robes richly dressed embarked upon his quest
For glory as an angel disguised
He let the groom take his horse to the stable
By the butler was conducted to her side
His heart he produced as he knelt and pressed his suit
And engaged her affectionate eye

Away then she led him to her chamber
To listen while he told her of his plans
And there without duress over menthol cigarettes
She readily gave in to his demands
Sir she said I'd never trust a stranger
But since you are an angel I'll be damned
He stripped and he peeled 'til his long bones revealed
He said here I have damnation in my hand

Then Death went to bed with the lady
Coupling they cast their masks aside
He rattled shook and roared while she beneath implored
As he took her where no doves will ever fly
Then sir she said you never were an angel
When trembling they had quenched each other's fires
He answered her no nor ever will be so
And you never were an angel besides

They fled and were wed fast together
Each strives to keep the other satisfied
But somewhere far away it's over darkness and the grave
That death and his lady preside

Intro. F#m A C#m F#m A F#m E
Verse F#m A C#m Bm F#m A C#m
Bridge Bm C#m Bm F#m A C#m