Trooper Shaw

Colonel Lawrence
Expressed Abhorrence
For the deliberations
Of the League of Nations

Please Jack may we cross the Rubicon
Dare I tread beyond the desert mile
There's a rumour in the heat washing over me
And it's stretching along behind among the rank and file
That there's a rose bush blooming in the wilderness
And a cool stream flowing by the way
And I swear I see them all through the sun beat's burning glaze
And my dreams are the dreams of English country days

But we've got to eat what the cook's put in front of us
To snap and smile politely when we do
Learn to look before you leap and how to turn the other cheek
When you're fighting for your bunk at the midnight curfew
I'll be on the border 'til eternity
Where I swore to serve forever and a day
From the Red Sea Coast to the cold West Country clay
Where they'll lay me down to rest in an English country grave

Lies ring true about the best of us
And wisdom built a house on sand
When I helped her to build the shelter
Roofed and felt her You misspelt her
Enshrined and impaled her screwed and nailed her
Now there's no one left to guide your hand
Confusion to our enemies schemes aft gang a-gley
Excuse me if I lie but I've an English hell to pay

So how many of your strings were at my fingertips
How stage struck my singing to the moon
How many pairs of eyes sought to read between the lies
When I wrote my own amendments for the next 'Who's Who'
And when you never saw the ribbons on my uniform
You thought I never sought the glamour or the praise
But there were Twenty One guns on my sandstone tomb engraved
When they lay me down to rest in an English country grave

Intro. A G#m F#m E
Verse A D A E D A F#m E A D A E D E A
Re-intro. D C#m Bm A
Middle D C#m Bm A D C#m F#m E D E A
Instr. D A D E A D E