Via Quintana

The pen is not mightier than the sword. The LGB equipped fighter-bomber is, however, and Stealth, as epitomised by the F-117, may not be the better part of valour, but it is certainly the most practical.

Marius' congregation rings me round
Barbed wire steel and leather caught me underneath the ground
You can tap me on the shoulder spin me round
With all your hands together softly pin me down
As you screwed me up and ripped me spit me out

Marius moves the oaths we swore again
Through all the nights on Malta we're together to the end
With all the peace talks done and the hidden clause concealed
You can't revise the treaty when it's ironed and bound and sealed
And will we see you in the chapter house again?

But with nine lives lost and a bitter lesson learned
What's the next manoeuvre
When you've no more cheeks to turn?
God made me what I am now change me round

Marius moves the earthworm turning round
Coursing through the dust clouds down the level tilting-ground
You can't fight the fire with anger when you're scared
But if you stack the odds against him
Choose your battleground with care
Then if you catch him off his guard you'll bring him down

Intro./Verse/Chorus A D Bm D Bm A F# D G