Paradise Sold

Nowhere is the concept of the north-south divide more incongruous than in Harrogate, where the wealthy ladies in their Range Rovers have been stock-piling coal since the 1984 miner's strike.
Even though they don't know what it's for.

Spread the word from mouth to mouth
Along Caesar's belt and throughout the south
Bid the armourers leave my mailshirt out

Light the fires from end to end
Of the East Sussex downs and the Wealds of Kent
You can call your sons in from the fields again

We kept the children home from school today
Sent them out into the streets to play
For when the local TV cameras come this way

To tell the world of Surrey's plight
Of the children's tears and their parents's fight
For their Wimpey home and it's plummeting price

And as the wealds begin to spin
The dissident decadents' distant kin
Down from the North the Navvies moved in

Sing Oh! In and under we'll go
How was Paradise lost in the Garden of Eden again

Eden was planted from here to the sea
No delving for Adam no spinning for Eve
Just the hawking and the hunting and climbing of trees
Well that's all they found time to do

But up went the standards and down came the rain
The Garden of Eden was branded and chained
By the seizing of land and the staking of claims
Until now there's no time to lose

Here am I clutching a life raft
While there's plenty more fish to be hooked
In the cesspool of the enterprise culture I'm drowning
The water's as dirty and deep as it looks

God had a son and He called Him the North
He was rugged and handsome and jagged and coarse
Painted with vistas and planted with gorse
Undiscovered from Tyne to Tees

But the face and the leg once so studied and fine
We pitted with quarries and shafted with mines
Bound him with bridges and broke him with irons
As we blackened the silver sea

While down in the Garden of England
It's rattling their bars with a will
It's par for the course because what's sauce for the North
For the South is the bitterest pill
To swallow

Intro. D A G A
Verse D A G A G A D A Bm A G A
Chorus D A G A D