Inside The Horse

Cramped, confined, and crowded up against a gentleman with an unusual smell, we are finally forced to admit that it stinks in here.

When first I volunteered for this command
The captains gathered round me and the General shook my hand
Saying 'Ten years on before these city walls
Give me half a hundred Helens for a single wooden horse'
Although I pointed out the flaws in his design
Said they should have made it bigger and I told him at the time
That if the city falls a better General yet
Nor bigger fool no man had ever met

We have no faith and we have no brothers
Hang no picture on the wall
Burn no lantern light to guide you through
The failures and the falls
If we lose face we will still have others left
To rescue and restore
All the wits we left behind us
Inside the horse

Then with campfires ringed us round the endless night
And all the morning after through the anger and the fright
We cursed the rash inventor of our plan
As every mad discomfort bore the sleepless sweating cramps
So in whispers coursed another worried day
In mindless games and banter sought to pass the time away
Until the victors' spoil the treasure carried through
With we sick and silent waiting in the womb

Now with duty's' decade done her royal mate
Our sad besotted General comes his wife to reacquaint
The equine stomach heaved the orders rang
And through the city's' sleeping streets a killer vomit ran
We loosed the bitter cluster of our swords
We choked the night in laughter as we opened up the doors
Until We falling into evil battles rent
Had paid them back for every second spent
Inside the horse

Intro./Chorus G D C D G
Verse E F#m A Bm E D A G