The Bugles Of Company B

Everyone hated this song, including the band. I don't know why - it was the only fun thing about this particular recording.

From the bugles of company B
There's a mist rolling in from the sea
We tightened the harness and buttoned our flies
Crashed up the beach with the sun in our eyes
There were bluebirds on every side
McArthur's along for the ride
We were counting the time when he broke for the Rhine
We were just getting into our stride

Said McArthur at company call
Here's a precedent set for us all
She'll rise in the morning and blacken our eyes
Westerly sets with our backs to the light
So it's eastwards through Aachen and Bonn
By Dusseldorf Essen Cologne
With due care and attention strategic convention
We carved up the occupied zone

With Berlin tucked away to the rear
We grew tired of kicking our heels
Back in the saddle McArthur again
Rough-riding us over the Astrakhan plain
To the Chinese provincials we ran
Novgorod and Afghanistan
With the mists of the East crushed to dust on our feet
Washed them off in the Sea of Japan

With our trousers rolled up to our chins
Our boots round our necks on a string
Into the combers marched rank after rank
With the armoured divisions defending the flanks
When we came to the surface next day
There the states of America lay
We were still facing East when we crashed up the beach
And continued our bloody crusade

Ike McArthur and Patton are gone
They turned up their toes back along
Carter and Reagan reluctantly learned
That the great days of Nixon will never return
But we're saying goodbye to them all
St Mathew St Luke and St Paul
For détente and detention a war of prevention
Is always America's cause

Bless them all bless them all
In Hornets A10s and F4s
Roy Rogers is riding again
To dump on the backs of the ancient of men
We're aiming to send them to God
With laser reconnaissance pods
From the Gulf to the Indus our hurricane wind is
Our right to determine the odds

Intro./Verse A D E D E A D E A