Animal Farm

Mother came up with a number of helpful suggestions for what to do when the poll-tax collector comes to call. Slurrey is not one of the hlome clounties. It's a plit flull of clow shlit.

Don't take the peace from my proffered palm
Down on Animal Farm
Where there's nothing to do but watch the weather vanes
And the wolves come to no harm
There's a summer always coming in soon
You can count the stars and the crescent moons
The death-watch work unhindered
When the cocks don't crow 'til noon

It's lucky I said to the engineer
Lucky we are to be born
If we're lucky we'll be finished by Christmas here
And if we're lucky we'll be finished by dawn
I should be so lucky I said to the Engineer
Lucky all our troubles are gone
If I'm lucky they'll hang me on Calvary hill
If I'm lucky they'll crown me with thorns

Until a messenger came one day
Looked down his nose and asked my name
He said where's the form for your Poll Tax boy
I've come to take all your money away
I said come on down from your horse
Put your hand in my pocket try to take my purse
And my brother will break your arms off
While I recite you verse

He said look I'm not to blame
I'm just doing my job at the end of the day
I told him that's all one but when the job is done
It's in blood money you'll be paid
Then we carried him cheek and chin
To the slurry pit and threw him in
We told him daisies are our silver now
You can swallow it or you can swim

Then God came down
With his fluted wings and battered crown
As he blackened the sky with his passing by
He made Immelmann turn around
He pulled me up through a crack in the cloud
Shaking me out and dusting me down
He said now you walk with the angels boy
Your feet won't touch the ground

And though I am a singer of soul
Sometimes my brothers are breakers of bone
Will they crown me King
In a limestone ring
Or are they coming for to carry me home

Intro./Chorus A D A E A D E A
Verse A F#m D E