Westminster And Wansworth

The Weavers of the Leaning Cross, safe in their cells at Downside Abbey are pleased to find themselves exempt from the poll tax.

I'll go back to the shires someday
Where the fields are green and the sky's not cloudy all day
Because there's not enough room here and not enough money to pay

Hearts in my hand reading seven and ace
My hand's on my heart when I'm saying my grace
I'm thanking the saviour for stuffing my face
With my pigs and my fishes and wine

I'm the heir to my sorrows a couple of cows
My horse my sheep and my farrowing sow
And we go to church now it isn't allowed
To work on Sunday no more

We bow our heads in the family pew
We never ask why so we never know who
Calls us there with the rest of the Heaven bound few
To teach us one day at a time

In Westminster and Wandsworth the fish still continue to rise
To snap up the bait with the wool pulled over their eyes
With a crack on the head it's into the basket they go

Then it was clubs bills and longbows we took in our hands
And went off to London to make our demands
We're fed up with WOMAD and socialist bands
We wanted our freedom we wanted our land

Take a jump cried the Bishop ride over your cross
Save up for your sins and avoid at all cost
When you all live together over Stratton-on-Foss

Once more King Richard's away to the wars
For a reason as vague as his aim is obscure
None of the press gang care what it's for
So long as he's paying them square

But when Redcar Shotton on Dee and Appleby close
And Powergen stuff the pits with American coal
What will poor Robin do then to keep out the cold

In Glasgow Lyons and Chicago Calcutta Shanghai
Steamrolling all over the moles go scurrying by
No one sees as behind the skirting they blow

When our ship comes down to the banks of the river we'll flow
The yeast will rise if the fists keep pounding the dough
Soon into the furnace for baking the people will have to go

Andromeda you mustered your children away from their ploughs
Some are in prison some are still free to tell how
Beneath the earth that you promised them rashly
Some are pushing up daisies for you now

Intro./Verse B Abm E F#
Chorus F#b E F#