Mary's Mad Army

From the dishwasher to the dentist's chair, to a waking dream in Wangerland. Mary is tri-sexual. Animal? Vegetable? Mineral? Which are you?

England swings to a pendulum screwed
As the unentitled fight for the crown
It's time to decide which side you're on
As the punters lay their money down

Mariadulterous with naked sword
The lion beat the count
Spent his mettle on the unicorn

So what have you got to show for all your pain
What will you have to show for all your panic measures
Your missile strikes and counterplays

Six o'clock and a shining moon
We make our beds and we leave
By another reveille aroused again
Backs bent to the ploughs again

To the strange unbridled cruelty
We practice to succeed
Or get knocked out in the second round again
Heads bowed to the ground again

Mary had an army
Its fleece was black and green
With a faith as bright as its Armalite
And sweet demeanour gleams
Mary had an army
Each face as white as snow
And everywhere the unrepentant Mary went
Her army had to go

Mary has an army
She tells them what to do
What the stakes are they're playing for
Who they're taking the blame for

That faith may be rewarded
But favours misconstrued
As mistakes must be paid for
For her sake to the grave for

But she never tells them where she's going to

Intro. G
Verse G C D G G C E D
Bridge G B C D
Chorus C G B C D
Instr. G C D