Contrary to accepted class struggle doctrine, Coriolanus suggests that we are all essential parts of a unified whole, and that if we eat the rich we must also, as a matter of necessity, eat the poor.

Coriolanus, the window sill upon which he leans
The iron and steel of the city built on seven hills
No Tiber was its friend
Your factories and railway yards breed broken limbs and broken hearts
We send you greetings cards to make amends
But next on our agenda where the flesh and bone surrendered
Before we just pretended now we're on the mend
Jacknife mad impatience station after station
In their shadow he's been waiting for the jackboot to descend
Since mediaeval times perpetuating nameless crimes
We turn them into nursery rhymes to make amends
But Jack was nimble and Jack was quick
Jack jumped over the candle stick
We made the charges stick onto him in the end

I've got a heart
And it sometimes fails to start
When it's cold in the morning
I've got a mind
It's sometimes hard to find
And it sometimes lets me down without warning
I've got a cause
It isn't yours
And it's far too hard to talk about without yawning

Coriolanus, the window sill upon which he leans
The flower mill
Bread shall be my standard now and bread shall be my gun
Take the grain that's been denied us let it germinate inside us
There's a place up here beside us now for each and everyone
So with Coriolanus befriended our broken limbs are mended
Our revels now have ended but our work has just begun

Intro. A D
Verse B Bbm F# C#
Instr. E F# A D