Oops! Rupert again. This is such a good poem that we simply couldn't resist putting a tune to it. Only Steve knows what the chords at the end really are though.

Your hands my dear adorable your lips of tenderness
I've loved you faithfully and well three years or maybe less
It wasn't a success

Thank God that's done and I'll take the road quit of my youth and you
The Roman road to Wendover by Tring and Lilyhoo
As a free man may do

For youth goes over the joys that fly and the tears that follow fast
And the dirtiest things we do must lie forgotten at the last
Even love goes past

I will desire and I will find the best of my desires
The autumn roads the mellow winds that soothe the darkening shires
And laughter and inn fires

White mist about the black hedgerows and the slumbering midland plain
The silence where the roses grow and the dead leaves in the lane
Certainly these remain

But the years that take the best away leave something in the end
And a better friend than love have they for none to mar or mend
That have themselves to friend

Rupert Brooke

Intro. Bm Dm E
Verse A E A F# E A E
Ending A D G D A D A Dm