Boy's In The Bag
Who'd have thought, when we wrote this about Mr Archer all those years ago, that justice would, in the end, have an opportunity of being seen to be done.

Now is the time for all good men
In defence of the party to rally around
X marks the spot where the ship ran aground
Opening new wounds to fester new rivers to drag
Now the cat's been let out and the boy's in the bag

He stood all alone at the foot of the stairs
Opening the letter up patiently unaware
That someone's been fooling around with his clandestine affairs
Go on open the letter and see what it says
With a glimmer of sweat from the back of the room
And the hissing of steel and the pulse of the knife in the gathering gloom
Twisting around to enhance the destructive effect of the wound
Go on open the letter and see what it says

There's no lost causes and no more wars
Nothing in the world's worth fighting for
You want to steal from the rich just to feed the poor
But they don't need your benedictions anymore

Your passports and visas your company cars
Don't mean a thing when you're travelling light not travelling far
Pull out your map you can read by the light of the morning star
Then pack up your troubles and get on your way
But the people who returned you to power and fame
Are off into town now to play on the pinball and video games
Cashing the tokens in they can't remember your number or name
So pack up your troubles and get on your way

So jockey of Norfolk be not so bold
The leg you were left with to stand on has already been bought and sold
Wrap up your anger in smiles and do as you are told
Pack up your troubles and get on your way

Intro. E G A G
Verse A G
Chorus D A B E B A
Link G E G A G E G