The Bishop At The Gate

How many more times do I have to tell you? I don't care what you think.

The Bishop rode up to the foregate his menials pounded the door
Roused from our slumbers the men of the watch
Looked down from the city wall
To see the Bishop's train arriving
Though the curfew had long since started and the hour was getting late
We nudged and we winked and we shouldered our arms
As we went down to open the gate
To find the Bishop's train alighting

Lies and panic rule the people you can befriend the birds and beetles
Paying court to faithless strangers as the confidant of beasts
Suffer in sickness suffer in violence suffer your tongue to lapse into silence
And the man who speaks the loudest is often the man who knows the least

I am a healer of souls he said and I am a healer of sin
On Thursdays a man of my word he said
And I'm sometimes a drinker of gin
We said we'd like to get to know you
Then we knelt and we said to him master what is this role you play
You're riding around with your head in the clouds
And your feet are embedded in clay
Still we'd like to get to know you we'd like to hear what prayers you have to say

And I remember the last time he came riding by
With all of the saints as retainers he rode into town
I happened to catch his eye
He said I'd like to get to know you
Some people can fool you all the time

So are you sitting comfortably or are you down on your knees
Some people can fool me as long as they like
With others I'm harder to please
Still we'd like to get to know you we'd like to hear what prayers you have to say

So pile the blocks and fill the breaches ring the bells and light the beacons
Get the children off the streets and set the sentries to the wall
Bait the trap to take it and hold it tell the local village soviet
To set the house in order when our master comes to call

Intro. Abm F# E F#
Verse Abm F#
Chorus Abm F# E B (Abm)