Me And Mr Absolutely

Only stupid, stupid people set fire to things and blow them up. I don't want to play with them.

Me and Mr Absolutely always on my mind
He pays me compliments and I pay him back in kind
And if I fail to please him then he puts me in my place
With the raven on his shoulder and the smile upon his face

I tried everything to lose him since he first materialised
But he would not give into reason he could not be exorcised
I tried amulets and talisman music to soothe the savage beast
Wooden stakes and silver bullets would not harm him in the least

Me and Mr Absolutely certain of his ground
The action needs adjusting but the arguments are sound
Fight the fire with fire he cried as he lit the fuse and ran
But I forewarned had water borne and I took the fire in hand

Me and Mr Absolutely went beyond the pale
I will light the dynamite if you'll provide the bail
And I daren't remain impartial now the wolves begin to cry
He's serving several centuries and he can't figure out quite why

Intro. Am Bm D A C B
Verse/Instr. B C A B
Chorus D A C B