Soldier On The Mantelpiece

The work of a man without sight or hearing but is it art?

In battledress and helmet he stands on the mantel piece
Eyes glazed and feet of clay a unique masterpiece
Three buttons on his tunic four pouches on his belt
Is there something to communicate a story to tell

How many horrors haunt him how many good friends died
Does he pine away each lonely day for a girl he left behind

The ears they cannot hear and the eyes they cannot see
But oh the tales that he tells with such bold simplicity

Michelangelo's David never stood so tall and proud
He should be in a gallery his praises shouted loud
So uplifting and so passionate a priceless work of art
An insight into his maker's mind and heart

In his glorious features such expression can be read
Shoulders square and hands like hams what life might he have led

Such raw skill and talent is so rarely recognized
So the soldier on the mantelpiece will win no Turner Prize

Gary Miller

Intro. G C D G D G
Verse G C D G C G D G C G A D
Chorus G C D G