A Rich Seam
'It's not what you've been given, it's what you do with what you've got.'

Come take a look at this rolling vista
Beneath its blistered fields lie caves of destiny
With untapped veins undiscovered waiting
For you to stake your claim upon thier richest seam

This churchyard holds its share of history
In small graves littering its bonny silent green
How many failed or missed their calling
Through time spent stalling over what they could have been

And though you be a tiny satellite
One day you may be shining bright
Become a glorious sun
Cast your light on everyone
Radiate your creative delight

Procrastinate and time will rob you
Of all the things that you might yet achieve
Mistakes breed strength don't let them dtere you
From finding yourself amid your own rich seam

There are those who would control your cause for you
And there are those who would seek to steal your dream
So let it rock their weak foundations
To see you reep the treasures of your own rich seam

For you the world is getting smaller
And you can do things of which I could only dream
So let it be your crowning glory
The wondrous story of your own rich seam

Come take a look at this rolling vista
This cracked and blistered jewel encrusted legacy
From mine to yours never deny it
Jump up and cry it as you dig your own rich seam

Gary Miller

Intro./Verse E A B
Chorus A B E A B