It's Your Time To Leave

When they've got to go, they've got to go.

It's your time to leave now mine has begun
Taking all that you need now you're gone
Our time never come for that time was not ours
It's mine and must be mine alone
Now we're both left standing outside in the rain
But I welcome the storm that's to come

It's your time to leave
Good riddance God damn you be gone

To crack the whip you must lead the dance
You need courage to face others head on
To make sweet music you must be of one mind
Or it's over before it's begun
Though all that we've planted may wither and die
What survives is the need to plant more

Now that we're heading for separate shores
Who's to blame for it all
Do I wish you well and do you wish it for me
Does it even matter at all

Though these crossroads excite me they scare me to death
New journeys are all that I own
If old chapters prepare you for what lies ahead
You must still write the end on your own
For what is the use chasing dreams you don't need
Weighed down with a load not your own
Now it's your time to leave
Good riddance God damn you be gone

Gary Miller

Intro./Verse E C#m A E E C#m B A E B E E C#m A B E
Chorus B E C#m A B