Cynthia's Revels

No matter how loud you sing, it still doesn't help if you can't pay the bills, but we'll worry about that tomorrow.

Elizabeth died on her golden throne
The dried up husk of a wrinkled crone
Left naught for the grave but skin and bone
No heir to follow after

In England whipped and England tamed
In the aftermath of her endless reign
We thought we'd never sing again
Nor light the lamps with our laughter

Shakespeare's work adorned her age
Or so they claim and so they say
But I can't make sense of his history plays
At tragedy he's no master

His star-cross'd lovers grate and prick
His swan-necked heroines make me sick
When the crowd hurled dung at his Henry Vth
'Twas a well deserved disaster

But here we sit now poets all
At the sign of the Tun by London Wall
To sing 'til we're sick to screech and bawl
And drink until we're plastered
Are you ready now sing

Sing sing the whole night through
'Til the kegs run dry and the smoke-rings blue
Bring a tear to your eye and a sore throat too
We'll sing as long as we're able
Sing 'til dawn kicks through the door
Sing for your supper and sing for more
We poets sing and though we're poor
We sing for the love of our labour

We band of brothers gallant few
Here's to me and here's to you
To Sir John Roe and his gap-toothed muse
To Jonson's art and craft sir
To Chapman grizzled lean and strange
To Fletcher loosed from Shakespeare's chain
To young John Donne with his choirboy's range
And his voice as high as the rafters

To Henry Goodyere's house and hall
We went to play we went to call
For Goodyere keeps an open door
And none are turned from his table

There we meet from time to time
To eat the meat and taste the wine
And we pay our way with verse and rhyme
For all his friends and neighbours

With Fletcher's wit and Chapman's roar
With Donne's sweet songs and beardless jaw
With John Roe's odes to his tuppenny whores
And Jonson's learned readings

With songs of love of hate and war
In turns about we took the floor
And Lady Rutland stayed 'til four
To dignify proceedings

Intro. F G C
Verse C F G C
Chorus C F D G A F G C