Canard's Grace

The iniquity of an arranged marriage, weighed against the financial advantages to be gained therefrom. OK, I'll do it - but you'll be sorry.

Sweet green the valley in deep slumber lies
All around the eaves swallows and martins fly
And on the riverbank dog otters eye
The muddy waters hurry by

My father called me to his library by
Disdainful his summons distempered I
Put on my winning smile and callow guise
To dazzle charm and to paralyse

My father as blood stock was bartering me
Like flies around thick they crawled willing and keen
A suitor accepted had a price agreed
His blessing gave the blushing bride to be

So how much will you pay me and when
To bite back my laughter and promise forever amen
To honour obey and together our wedding night spend
To have and hold and give back again

Great vapours affecting I weeping swore
While trying hard not to stamp on the library floor
I'll marry for love and for nothing more
Nor money take nor honour pawn

This looks like my daughter my father cried
This mad gorgon dressed up as a Lamas bride
Deep birchwoods of cunning within you lie
Deep malice and ill manners hide

Then my mantle I ripped and my bodice tore
Rare vases I smashed as I slammed the door
Great man-eating leopards within me roared
And hammers smashing smote the manor walls

But I'll manage I'll marry my word I gave
And I'll hound the poor fool to an early grave
With grief his bedfellow and courtesan maid
Unwilling there together laid

So how much will you pay me and when
To drag my white bodybag down to the altar in chains
Slip the ring over my finger and promise again
To have and hold and to throw away

Intro./Verse A E D E A
Chorus A E A F# E D E A