Joseph Porter

Going Down With Alice

I can tell you with absolute assurety that you will find no doves flying here whatsoever.

Alice woke from fitful dreams
Of hearts and diamonds clubs and queens
Left her childhood passed her teens
Gave away her phantoms for a frown

She changed her name and scorned her youth
Burned all the books that told the truth
Wiped the tapes to hide the proof
Combed her hair and pulled all her posters down

But Alice scorned and Alice spurned
Sometimes frets and sometimes burns
Then to her mirrored image turns
Am I still the fairest of them all

With malice to the looking glass
Did the tribe increase she asks
Will you part and let me pass
Shall I walk among them as before

Now Alice waits on bended knees
Will they yet remember me
Mirror let me enter please
There's no way through the looking glass replied

They bred like amoeba splitting in half
They foaled they farrowed cubbed and calved
These knights and squires and wives of Bath
Forged them at the board like men deprived

Since big years turned and left behind
The thirsts they slaked in vats of wine
Empty rooms and narrow minds
Are all the wonderlands you've ever known

With no reflections no relief
In solitude to bear your grief
Instead she bares her yellow teeth
The mirror breaks and Alice stands alone